The Nydus started out with 2 people casting games among friends. Come by the channel and join the fun on Twitch!

Helpful Clan War Links

Want to participate in the Clan War? Think your clan has what it takes? Contact The Nydus. We can help your clan get connected with another clan of similar skill for a showdown.
Want to support your friends/clanmates? Want to spam Kappa in chat? We do too. Come down and hang out with us for some fun times casting on the Twitch Clan War Stream.
Curious if a clan you know has participated in Clan War? Want to see what you're up against? We got you. Here's a list of Past Participants in Clan War.

You and your clan have been practicing, and now it's time to show the world how OP you guys are. The Nydus Clan War is a great place to meet other clans and square off. The clans compete in a best-of-7 "All-Kill" format clan war and it sure is a fun time!


We've had a lot of clans inquire about The Nydus Clan War and we appreciate all of you! But these clans came out to make a statement and have earned a place in the Past Participants! Check out the full list of participating clans!