The Nydus started out with 2 people casting games among friends. Come by the channel and join the fun on Twitch!

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ALERT! ALERT! Beast Mode Clan War Ahead! That doesn't even do this event justice as it was a complete slug fest, a Bo7 that truly lived up to all the hype players participating. The clan war was iGx vs Rival Gaming, and it featured players like Graphix, Hjax, IMcuddlebear, and Sacrilege, everyone's favorites! The clan war was casted by Sirtiva/GIGGLEBEAR and every single game is worth watching. iGx jumped out to a very quick 2-0 lead but Hjax and MikeRoss came in to put a stop to that and even up the series 2-2. From there TheGiantNome and cuddlebear took over to finish out the series with Cuddlebear taking the series for his team 4-2. Thanks so much to these awesome clans for putting up the players, thanks to the players for putting on such awesome games, and thanks to the viewers (and GauntletSC2) for making the event so much fun! See you guys next time!

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