The Nydus started out with 2 people casting games among friends. Come by the channel and join the fun on Twitch!

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We're back with more Platinum/Diamond content and we couldn't be any more excited about this week. We had a terrific showmatch planned with [eSloth]McMonroe and [Root]Semper and the players certainly did not disappoint. The night started off with some pretty quick games, but eventually slowed down into longer series, but all the games were certainly action packed and worth watching. NSL #21 saw many returning players and tons of new faces as well so that is always enjoyable. When all was said and done it was [dLife]Archon and [SyLx]QuAnTuM who made it to the finals and what a series it was! Archon took the series off the back of several good pushes and his game 5 build was super crazy! Early proxy Mothership?! WHAT?! Big shout out to Pinecone for being admin and all the viewers and players for making this a very smooth running tournament. See you all next week!

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