The Nydus started out with 2 people casting games among friends. Come by the channel and join the fun on Twitch!

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What a cool opportunity! Dreamhack put out the alert that they were allowing community casters to cover Day 1 (Pre-Round of 32) and The Nydus had to apply. We were accepted and reported in for our first day of "Professional" casting. We didn't really know what to expect except that good games would likely be had. Sirtiva and Shyrshadi were your casters for the day as GIGGLEBEAR had a couple other (real-life) events to take care of. Both of these guys absolutely put in hard work and passion for the 10 hour cast. We had many players like Catz, Snute, TIME, Neuro that The Nydus hadn't ever casted before so it was a really great opportunity. At the end of the day the games were great, the casters were primed, and the fans were loving it. Gauntlet threw us a HUGE host that pushed our metrics way above what we ever thought possible, so a HUGE shout out to those guys and all the viewers who stuck with us. Thanks again to Dreamhack for allowing community casters such as ourselves to participate in your awesome event! We'll see you guys for the next one.

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