The Nydus started out with 2 people casting games among friends. Come by the channel and join the fun on Twitch!

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After a two week break and a bit of Dreamhack, The Nydus returned with our Platinum/Diamond tournament! We couldn't be more excited to get back in the swing of things and it seemed like the players felt the same way. The night started off strong with most series going all the way to 3 games, and diverse races in series throughout the night. Players like MLT, Automata, and Pinecone were looking in great form and Vespasian was pulling out some really cool timing attacks, make sure to go back and watch those VODs. When all was said and done it was MLT and Pinecone who met in the finals for a TvZ. Pinecone took the series and his NSL title! A huge thank you to the showmatch players PiLiPiLi and PandaBearMe (who was the first person EVER to take a game off of PiLiPiLi, at least in the Nydus). Huge shoutout to all the viewers and followers/donators, we look forward to doing the Masters + tournament next week. See you then!

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